Raeann Blake
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Tommy Joe Branden was tired. Tired of living from bus to jet, sleeping in between towns. Tired of having to tape the name of each town to his guitar so he wouldn't make a mistake on stage. And he was especially tired of missing his family. Missing out on so much of their lives. He was tired of being alone.

The decision he made created a media storm around all of them, especially the tabloid vultures that he despised. But in the midst of the storm he stumbled over a pretty little girl with amethyst colored eyes with a pretty name... and a secret past. What happens when his brothers start digging?

Carley Cierra Adams had every intention of staying invisible, unnoticed and unnoticeable as she temporarily hung around the edges of Tommy Joe Branden's life. She certainly never meant to get captured by the famous baby blues. Never meant to dance with him. Never meant to see him again. And she sure never meant to kiss him.

Damn. Now what?




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