Raeann Blake
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Lonnie (The Seven Brothers of Elko: Book Seven)

*** LGBA Independent Author Award Romance Finalist ***

In a whirlwind encounter, Lonnie's life takes an unforgettable turn when he meets Kelli in a passionate, never-to-be-forgotten night. Little did he know that their extraordinary connection would vanish as quickly as it came, leaving him yearning for more.

But fate has a curious sense of timing. Just as Lonnie begins to settle in to living with only the memories, their worlds collide once again. Except this time, she's engaged to a man shrouded in darkness, threatening to eclipse their undeniable connection.

With unwavering loyalty, Lonnie and his brothers find themselves entangled in a web of secrecy and treachery, determined to protect what's theirs. As tensions rise and boundaries blur, the bond between brothers will be tested, forcing them to confront their own demons and fight for their family.

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping and heart-racing journey as Lonnie and his brothers navigate the tumultuous waters of love, loyalty, and brotherhood.




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