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If you asked him, Cole Watkins would tell you that his life was probably as close to perfect as it could get. He owned his own company, and it was doing very well. He had a great family, good friends, and a house on the beach. What more could a man want? Of course, the embodiment of beauty and grace who had taken up the habit of walking along the beach every day at sunset didn’t hurt either. He had no idea who she was. He just enjoyed the view. Why rock the boat by introducing himself? She couldn’t possibly live up to the outstanding fantasies she had stirred in his soul anyway. Still…

Jillian knew that the last place in the world she needed to be was Texas. But her team needed help. There was no decision to be made. The need for urgency and accessibility took precedence over everything else. They had never missed a drop-dead date before. She wouldn’t let this be their first. She kept a low profile, just as she always did. There were few people who even knew she was there. But how long would it be before they found her if she didn’t get herself out of Texas and back to Montana? But after meeting Cole Watkins, how was she supposed to decide between staying and going?

Her brain said ‘go.’

Her heart said ‘no.’




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