Raeann Blake
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Get ready for a collision of fate, passion, and unforeseen twists in "Kansas in Montana" from the IPPY award winning author Raeann Blake.

When Special Agent Kansas Malone swapped seats with a young girl—a veritable “Chatty Cathy”—she knew she was venturing into uncharted territory. Her empathy for the girl’s sleep-deprived seatmate propelled her to act, even if it meant crossing the boundaries of protocol. Little did she know that this simple act of kindness would set off a chain of events that defied all expectations.

Brody Carver, roused from his slumber mid-flight, blinked open his eyes to an unexpected sight: a vision of loveliness leisurely traversing his body. The same voice that had silenced the ceaseless chatter earlier now belonged to a captivating woman. Brody bided his time, waiting until her gaze met his.

“Finished?” he inquired, his tone laced with curiosity.

The blush that crept across her cheeks and the FBI badge adorning her belt piqued Brody’s interest. Suddenly, the mundane flight veered into unexpected territory. A snowstorm, a canceled flight, and a shared New Year’s Eve kiss—all leading to two hotel rooms with a connecting door.

What could possibly go wrong?

In the heart of Montana, where the frost-kissed air holds secrets and fate weaves its intricate threads, Kansas and Brody are about to discover that sometimes the most extraordinary journeys begin with a simple switch of seats.




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