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*** AWA Romance Finalist and LGBA Independent Author Award Romance Finalist ***

Bo Canton didn’t expect his morning to go this way. Following the recent death of a fellow ranch owner, all his trainers were left without a job, many without a home. The thought of using the opportunity to grab some of them to beef up their own staff didn’t come to him or his brothers. So, it was their good fortune that an application from one of those trainers came in via email. There was no hesitation in getting him to the ranch for an interview.

A recent merger had resulted in a significant bump in business. The expectation of hiring this man as their fifth new hand was high, and the interview should have been no more than a technicality. Yet somehow that meeting had turned both sideways and upside down from the word go when that ‘man’ turned out to be the sexiest woman he’d ever laid eyes on. And the connection he had immediately felt with her didn’t help. The interview ended on a note that sounded sweet, but Bo was positive there was no way he could work with her and keep himself from either having a nervous breakdown or making the mistake of touching her.

And if he ever touched her once…




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