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Thank you for visiting Raeann Blake's official website. Here you can find the latest on all of Raeann's novels and information about those coming soon in addition to any new release announcements. Each of Raeann's books can be purchased on Amazon.com. All titles are available in both Kindle and paperback formats.

With the release of Jake (The Seven Brothers of Elko: Book One), the saga begins. Visit Meet The Seven Brothers of Elko for more information on this exciting new series and the men who become The Seven Brothers of Elko. Next up will be Davis. The release date is expected to be in the December 2012 - February 2013 range.

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Notice: All of Raeann's stories, including any excerpts contained on this site, are adult romance. They contain explicit language and some graphic content. If those are things that offend you, these books are not something you would want to read.


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